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Airsoft Sniping Guide – Top 5

Airsoft Resources,General Airsoft — ERRsoft on October 20, 2008 at 9:21 pm
An Airsoft Sniper in the Grass

An Airsoft Sniper in the Grass

The following are my top 5 airsoft sniping tips that should help you make more effective sniping kills with your favorite airsoft sniper rifle.  The first one is obvious, but it’s worth seeing them all to help you make them habit.

1.  Walk and move quietly.
2.  Wear terrain matching camaflouge.
3.  Listen to your environment, familiarize yourself with sounds.
4.  Always plan your entry and exit route.
5.  Only take 1 shot, once you fire your cover is exposed.

Sniper teams should be 2 at the most, with either 1 spotter and 1 shooter, or two shooters who can spot for each other.  Always account for wind, atmosphere and distance.

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